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The majority of commercial materials are based on the microscale and have reached optimal performance and commoditization. Consequently, innovation at the microscale is now incremental. The nanoscale is the next frontier in materials science. Nanoscale engineering holds the promise of manipulating individual atoms or molecules at 1 billionth of an inch or smaller in order to introduce disruptive performance advantages into a range of products. Over the last several decades, nanoscale materials have been identified for their superior properties.

Graphene and carbon nanotubes have demonstrated to be far stronger than steel and far more conductive than copper. However, these nanomaterials are very expensive to mass produce in bulk and very difficult to formulate into products. Axium has developed a patented manufacturing process that can address these technical challenges and enable the translation of highly functional nanomaterials into breakthrough products that can be produced at large volume and low cost.

How it works

Nanotechnology encompasses all materials with dimensions below 1 μm, or less than a billionth of an inch. At this scale, it is possible to achieve extraordinary properties such as superconductivity, ultra high catalytic efficiency, and rapid ionic transport. When prepared at the nanoscale,

known materials can show radically different properties than the bulk material. Changes in mechanical strength, light transmittance, reactivity, and even stability have been shown to occur. By harnessing these unique properties, scientists pave the way for exciting new technology with unprecedented functionality.

AXIUM Proprietary Process

Conventional nanomaterials, such as nanoparticles and conductive carbon structures, have a high surface energy and tend to agglomerate when integrated into substrate materials. As a result, these nanoscale materials lose their functionality through unsatisfactory quality control.

Axium’s process facilitates the direct incorporation of these nanomaterials into a nanocomposite template where properties such as dispersion, porosity and aspect ratio can be tightly controlled. This platform is highly tunable, resulting in a diverse range of material properties and performance advantages.


The ability to mass manufacture highly tunable nanocomposites for a broad range of commercial applications is a real breakthrough in nanotechnology. Axium is positioned as an enabling material science company that can assist its customers to attain significant performance improvements to their integrated devices. Axium’s lead commercial program in lithium ion battery materials demonstrates the Company’s ability to fabricate electrode and separator materials that improve cell level energy density by over 40%.

That’s a significant advance in lithium ion battery chemistry given that the average yearly improvement in energy density is roughly 3%. Axium will continue to collaborate with battery manufacturers, automotive companies and mobile device manufacturers to commercialize its breakthrough materials. Axium is building a rich pipeline of battery materials for advanced battery chemistries that can store far more energy than lithium ion batteries, in addition to an array of other products.

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