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Axium Nanocomposite Platform

The Axium process is a next generation nanofiber eleoctrospinning process that enables the production of a broad range of organic and inorganic nanofiber morphologies that can be assembled into multi-layered, integrated composites. The Axium process controls the deposition and dispersion of highly attractive nanomaterials, such as graphene, nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. This innovative system can manufacture nanofiber composites at a much faster rate than conventional electrospinning processes. Moreover, existing systems can only produce organic or polymeric nanofiber compositions with limited functionality and are unable to control dispersion of deposited nanomaterials.

Typical nanofiber materials containing predominantly polymeric compositions with less than 5% loading of inorganic additives function as antimicrobial layers in hygienic products or as filtration media. Axium’s ability to produce highly tunable composites comprised of high loadings of metallic, ceramic and hybrid materials establishes a far broader range of material compositions and commercial applications.

Figure: Dispersion control afforded by gas-assisted spinning (a) Conventional electrospinning and (b) Gas-assisted electrospinning

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